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I got my first order of graphics design

I had been sharing videos on my YouTube channel mygraphics for a long time but was not earning any money. Then one day in a video I heard someone say that you cannot earn money online until you learn a skill. So I first thought about what field I would work for or what I could adjust to, so after doing a lot of practice I liked the graphics design field. Keep posting videos about the field. But to no avail. And I wasn’t enjoying the job. Then one day someone at Urduforum asked me if you also make a tutorial on Adobe Illustrator. I got the motivation and from that day I started learning Adobe Illustrator. I had posted fifty videos on this topic, so one day I received an email from a foreign country that we watch your YouTube channel daily and even got a follow-up. We want to get you a die-cut design. We will give you money according to each design. Please let me know if you agree. I was very happy to see the email because it was the first order. I worked diligently and made a lot of money. Many thanks for reading the article to the end.

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