how to use sponge tool in photoshop cs6 in urdu # 33 by mygraphics

how to use sponge tool in photoshop cs6

I am your host Abdul Qadir and you are watching our YouTube channel My Graphics. In today’s Adobe Photoshop class we are going to learn how the Sponge Tool works. This tool works just like the brush tool. I explained the brush tool to you in the previous classes. In this tool you will find two options, one is saturated and one is de-saturated. And the job of the de-saturator is to lighten the color. Right-click on the image and a Properties bar will open in front of you. You can also make changes from there. One thing to keep in mind is never work on the original image layer. Take a new layer and work on it. And lock the original image so that the original image is not damaged. You can get a duplicate layer by pressing Control Plus J. You can watch full video for more information.

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