How to use blur tool in photoshop cs6 in hindi # 35 by mygraphics

How to use blur tool in photoshop cs6

My name is Abdul Qadeer and you are watching our YouTube channel My Graphics and this Supdaa Graphics Designing website is our own. In this tutorial video, we will learn about the Buller tool in Adobe Photoshop and how it works. It’s a very simple tool and I will try to teach you the easy way. You go to the file and click on the Open option and select the image you want to work on in your photo gallery. And we will create a duplicate layer of that image with the help of Control Plus J. If you have started working on the Buller tool, first correct the properties of that tool. The Buller tool will work the same way you set any properties here. If you want to make an object clear, you can blur the rest of the image area except that.

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