How to use adobe photoshop cs6 pencil tool in hindi / urdu # 19 by mygraphics

I hope everyone is well. In this class, we will learn about pencil tools. The way the brush tool works. First, let’s take a new page. We will work with a new layer on this page. We don’t work on the bag ground layer because it can ruin the original image. Just below the pencil tool is the brush tool we will select. Now we will learn how this tool works. We have drawn the line with the help of the pencil tool. We can also increase the size of the pencil tool. If you go to the properties of the pencil tool above, you can also choose different designs from there. We can also change the color. In the video, I have explained to you in a good way. And you can reduce its obesity. If you put obesity to sleep, it will become darker.

How to use adobe photoshop cs6 pencil tool

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